Welcome to the Krappitz Gallery

My name is Stefan Krappitz and I'm curator of the Krappitz Gallery.
On this website you'll find the gems I sometimes encounter when surfing the web.
Websites that are made with love and attention to detail, often from an era, where the Home Computer hasn't become ubiquitous yet and everyone was encouraged to make
her/his own websites with a programming language so easy to learn and forgiving to bad syntax that everybody could use it.
This language for the web was also designed as open source by default. This made html even more easy to learn, since everyone could look up the others sourcecode to see how things were done.

Many personal websites disappeared with mainstream communities like facebook, where everybody now has a profile page instead of a personal website.
Photos and videos of vacations are uploaded to flickr or youtube rather than to a personal homepage.
Another problem is, that google will get more and more a definite directory of the web in peoples mind. Rarely anybody is surfing from website to website nowadays. Like this, only the websites listed on the first pages at google get traffic.
The sad thing is, that google is NOT a complete directory of the internet and private websites, if listed at all usually have bad pagerank.

Of course, not everything is bad about the new technology, but the bad thing about it is, that nobody has to accquire computer-skills to use it.
The power drifts away from the users towards the big platforms.

Often those great pages in my collection are amateurs work. Amateurs have a completly other style of doing things. They seldomly do clean designs with millions of visitors and money in mind. It's more about what they like themselves and those works often express
a level of passion and love for details that is hardly seen on the popular sites of the web.

Therefore I made this website to celebrate the culture of the users. Works exibited here are often old websites, not updated for years,
remainders of the web's first years, but sometimes it's the beautiful culture of todays amateurs.
Feel free to email me: gallery@krappitz-online.de


Cats and other animals

Jessorcats Perserseite

Thueringen`s Cattery

Diamondflower Cats

Online cemetary for Guinea Pigs. Very sad site!

Scrimshaw Persians. I really like Persercat-Design-Style!

Fluffytails Christmas Tree 101. Lovely photos of cats in trees.